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Cimento 2009

Cimento proves how desire and determination can achieve something unexpected and surprising when advanced, up-to-date professional skills are placed at their service. For his ambitious project, Luigi Merendelli chose two first-level partners (oenologist Mauro Monicchi and agronomist Laura Bernini). With them he followed a rigorous path that took many years, patience and respect for the time that nature requires to create a sort of oenological “miracle” that few believed possible. The emblem of success of a long process that required a lot of resources and much dedication, is the monovarietal Cimento Pinot Noir. The challenge won by Luigi Merendelli is well summarized in the name given to this magnificent wine – in fact, “cimento” in Italian means “challenge” – and in the label designed by Studio Doni & Associati, taken from a vintage print in which two elegant fencers face each other.

Classification: Rosso Umbria Pinot Noir I.G.T

Grapes: Pinot Noir

Altitude: 500-600 m a.s.l.

Soil type: clayey-marly limestone

Colour: ruby red, not intense, with delicate amethyst highlights

Aroma: fine and elegant. Fruity, flowery with spicy overtones of liquorice, strawberry and cherry and a light note of violet.

Taste: appreciable acidity, which does not disturb but gives the wine a good elegance, as well as a discreet astringency produced by the tannins. Appreciable alcohol perfectly balanced with the acidity of the wine. Good softness, conferred by aging in wood. The mouth echoes the fruit-driven characteristics found in the nose: cherry, raspberry and strawberry.

Bottles produced: 1750

Alcohol: 14%

Production per hectare: 4.5 t/ha/p>

Yield of grapes into wine: 55%

Plants per hectare: 5000

Cultivation: cordon-trained and spur pruned

Harvest period: 20th September

Aging: casks and barrels of which 20% first-pass

First year of production: 2009

Serving Temperature: 16-17°C

Pairings: pasta with truffles, duck and semi-aged cheeses. Perfect as a sipping wine.